The Irrational Economy by Jeremy Dean

– By Jeremy Dean, Founder and Master Gamemaker at R&E.

Emotion plays a huge part in how people make decisions and how they feel about the situations that affect them.

People want to be heard, they want to feel, they want to be understood, they want to bring their full selves to their work (and life).

They want to express themselves.

But right now, they can’t – because:

They haven’t had permission;

They haven’t had mechanisms;

Their emotions are seen as weakness.

So much is being left unsaid because people aren't given permission to be open and vulnerable.

And because of that, so much human potential and opportunity is being stifled or going untapped.

To reverse that, R&E believe we need to create a conversation renaissance.

We need to encourage people to speak up and to share their emotions openly and honestly.

Our research shows that organisations and individuals should be looking at harnessing emotions to their strategic advantage.

What’s been missing is a simple, structured mechanism to allow people to do this face to face.

R&D has changed that.

We make simple, human games, with heart, that reimagine the way people connect and grow.

Our decks are a simple and powerful way for organisations and individuals to harness the power of emotions and tap into the powerful dynamic we refer to as “the irrational economy”.

Our games help flip the conversation from just valuing cold, rational economic ideas and outcomes towards valuing what has been dismissed for too long as the “irrational” – the feelings, instincts, observations and reactions that people have to circumstances and environments.

We change conversations leaders and people can have around culture, performance, expectations, experiences and wellbeing by giving leaders a simple, proven, structured, innovative way to emotionally connect with their teams, and by giving people the language they need to make that happen.

We are a world leader at helping people find the words - we are literally leading the pack.


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