Our first ever Elephant Rider Gathering

We're feeling very grateful for the opportunity to gather face-to-face with a bunch of Emotional Culture Deck Practitioners in Auckland, New Zealand two weeks ago.
For a while now we've been thinking about how we can continue to connect our incredible ECD Practitioners aka Elephant Riders.
One of the ways we've designed is an event called an Elephant Rider Gathering where ECD Practitioners and their guests can gather together and met each other in person, mingle and learn from one another. 

For our first-ever Gathering, we invited three inspiring leaders, Lotty RobertsAdam Lynch & Molly Workman to come along and share their Emotional Culture Deck bright spot stories:

  • Adam talked about how he’s been using the deck with Firefighters and School Teachers.
  • Molly shared her journey with the game including using it as part of Rush Digital mapping their candidate journey.  
  • Lotty shared her tips on how she gets the organisation’s she works with to buy into the game and embrace this concept of The Emotional Culture Deck. 
Molly Workman Adam Lynch Lotty Roberts, your bright spot stories left us all feeling inspired and more confident in using The Emotional Culture Deck to unleash emotions at work and create more human and empathetic workplaces.
Our next Elephant Rider Gathering will be in Wellington, New Zealand. Plus we're making plans for how we can run virtual Gatherings so we can connect our global Elephant Rider community. Plus one day when the pandemic is further in our rear vision mirror – we'll organise Elephant Rider Gatherings in London, Melbourne and Sydney.

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