Announcing the New ECD Emotional Stakeholder Engagement Course – Get your Tickets Now!


Unlock the Power of Emotional Engagement: Announcing Our New ECD Course!

At riders&elephants, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest offering, the ECD Emotional Stakeholder Engagement Course. This groundbreaking course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to design emotion-led stakeholder engagement strategies and create experiences and relationships that drive organisational success.

Why Emotional Stakeholder Engagement Matters

Experiences are memorable when they spark an emotional reaction. What do customers feel when they engage with us? How does that come to life in every touchpoint? What is your emotional stakeholder strategy? These questions are either overlooked or never asked when we think about our stakeholder relationships. Understanding and managing emotions can lead to stronger relationships, greater trust, and enhanced collaboration.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Leaders and Managers: Looking to enhance their emotional intelligence and stakeholder engagement strategies.
  • HR Professionals: Interested in integrating emotional culture into stakeholder relationships.
  • Customer Experience (CX) Leaders and Teams: Seeking to improve customer interactions by understanding their emotional journeys.
  • Consultants and Coaches: Aiming to incorporate emotional culture into their client work.
  • Team Leads and Members: Wanting to foster stronger, more empathetic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Project Managers: Focused on improving stakeholder relationships and project outcomes.
  • Bonus: If you've invested in The Customer Experience Deck previously, this course is also for you! Many of the tools and approaches we teach in this course have been inspired by our work in CX design and The Customer Experience Deck and can be applied to your customer experience challenges.

Course Highlights:

  • Become an ECD Emotional Stakeholder Practitioner: By attending this course, you’ll become an ECD Emotional Stakeholder Practitioner and receive our brand-new ECD Practitioner Certificate.
  • Exclusive Tools and Techniques: Learn to use the ECD Stakeholder Relationships Canvas, ECD Powerful Partnerships Workshop, ECD Partnership Handbook, EX=CX Design Canvas, and ECD Stakeholder Journey Canvas.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive personalised instruction from Jeremy Dean, Founder of riders&elephants and creator of The ECD.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals committed to fostering emotional intelligence in their organisations.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Enhance Stakeholder Relationships: Gain insights into mapping and improving stakeholder emotional journeys inspired by a national hospitality business that co-creates the customer experience of each of its locations with its frontline staff.
  • Foster Powerful Partnerships: Develop a relationship charter that ensures empathetic and effective partnerships, exemplified by a government agency improving its partnership with a local Iwi group.
  • Strengthen Bonds: Utilise The ECD Partnership Handbook to establish and redefine relationship success metrics.
  • Bridge EX and CX: Integrate employee and customer experiences to drive satisfaction and loyalty, inspired by a project with over 300 leaders from 50 franchise restaurants redesigning their customer and employee experiences.
  • Design Stakeholder Journeys: Identify key moments and actionable improvements to enhance emotional experiences.

Tools You’ll Learn How to Use:

  • ECD Stakeholder Relationships Canvas
  • ECD Powerful Partnerships Workshop
  • ECD Partnership Handbook
  • ExCXperience Design Canvas
  • ECD Stakeholder Journey Canvas

What you Get

Enrol in the ECD Course and unlock a wealth of resources:

  • ECD Emotional Stakeholder Enagement Toolkit - Value 200 NZD: Get this invaluable toolkit filled with a robust selection of physical and downloadable resources designed for immediate impact. Its comprehensive nature will extend your learning and application of the course content well beyond the Course.

  • Emotional Culture Deck - Value 160 NZD: Receive your personal ECD, an essential tool for applying course principles in real-world settings, adding even more value to your toolkit.

  • 90-Day All Access Pass to our Elephant Rider Community - Value 99 USD:
  • Exclusive 60-Minute Group Coaching Call: Enhance your course experience with a group coaching call, scheduled six to eight weeks post-course. Hosted via Zoom, this session provides an opportunity to solidify your learning, address any questions, and ensure you're applying your new skills effectively. Whether you attend live or watch the replay later, this call is a key step in your continued development.

  • Continued Learning Discount: To support your ongoing practice, enjoy a 50% discount on future purchases of The Emotional Culture Deck.

  • ECD Emotional Stakeholder Certificate of Practice: A formal acknowledgement of your dedication to enhancing your Emotional Culture Deck skills. This certificate serves as a testament to your commitment to emotional stakeholder engagement skills and amplifying human understanding and engagement.

By enrolling, you gain access to an ECD Emotional Leadership package with resources, expertise, and continued support, all designed to flip the traditional approach to leadership development.

Join Us for an In-Person Course in Wellington, New Zealand

We’re excited to offer an exclusive in-person session of the ECD Emotional Stakeholder Engagement Course on August 22nd in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. This full-day immersive experience, delivered by Jeremy Dean, Founder of riders&elephants and creator of The ECD, is available one time only and limited to just 12 spots, ensuring personalised attention and a collaborative learning environment.

Secure Your Spot Today!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to transform your approach to stakeholder engagement. Enrol now to reserve your place in this highly anticipated course:

  • Date: August 22nd, 2024
  • Time: 930am-330pm
  • Location: Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Spots Available: 12
  • Investment: 990 NZD per person (payment option available)
  • Early Bird Tickets: 690 NZD (save 300 NZD, available until August 1st)
  • Get your ticket here now >

Unlock Your 90-Day All-Access Community Pass.

After completing the course, you’ll receive a 90-day all-access pass to our Elephant Rider Community & Online Toolkit. This is our way of supporting your continued growth. Here’s what you'll get inside our Community:

  • Emotional Culture Club (ECC): Engage with a supportive community of practice. Share stories, celebrate bright spots, and receive unwavering support from fellow members and our Elephant Rider Mentors.
  • Exclusive ECD Knowledge: Unlock a vast repository of ECD learning materials, including The ECD Learning Pathways Course and ECD Tool Library.
  • Mentorship: Get expert guidance and support from our experienced ECD Certified Consultant Mentors.
  • Community Events: Join live learning events with fellow practitioners and mentors.
  • Full Tool Library Access: Amplify your effectiveness with comprehensive resources and tools.
  • Special Online Course Access: Gain access to the ECD Remote Team Workshop Online Course, valued at $149 USD, designed to build the culture of remote teams with no setup required.
  • ECD Digital Edition: Access our Digital Map Your Emotional Culture Workshop plus a license to use The ECD across digital platforms.

Unlock the potential of emotional stakeholder engagement and take your experiences and relationships to the next level. We look forward to seeing you in Wellington!

The Emotional Stakeholder Engagement Course is one of four ECD Courses and four new ECD Practitioner Badges launching in late 2024:

  • Emotional Culture Crafting Course 
  • Emotional Leadership Development Course 
  • Emotional Change Strategy Course

These ECD Courses will all soon be available as both online, on-demand learning experiences as well as in-person learning experiences, exclusively delivered by our global network of ECD Certified Consultants – officially trained and recognised by riders&elephants. 


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