R&E makes simple, human-focused games that reimagine the way people can connect and grow.
At work. For their customers. Within themselves.
Bring on the conversations.

Everyone deserves to be heard

We all have within us the means to redesign our lives. But sometimes we lack the means to express what we’re experiencing.  riders&elephants is the world’s leading prompted conversation starter. Our powerful tools and games give people the words they need to shift work cultures, change the experiences for customers and articulate what wellbeing means personally. 

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87 cards can change your world...

The Emotional Culture Deck

The #1 game in the world for a better workplace culture

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The Customer Experience Deck

A beautifully simple tool for better customer experience

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The Wellbeing Deck

A delightfully simple game to create your definition of wellbeing.

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Leading the pack

Over 400,000+ people in 60+ countries look to our games and resources to break the silence. People use our games in some of the biggest and most inspiring organisations on the planet.

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The power of face to face

Our mission is to humanise the workplace by getting people talking. We flip the conversations leaders and people can have around culture, performance, experiences, and wellbeing. We give leaders a simple, proven, structured, innovative way to emotionally connect with their teams. And we give people the language they need to make that happen.

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Join our global community of like-minded leaders we call Elephant Riders aka ECD Qualified Practitioners and Certified Consultants.

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ECD Online Masterclass Course

Begin your journey to mastering the Emotional Culture Deck and deliver the ultimate human-centered workshops that will engage even the most cynical participants.

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We hear you. At riders&elephants we believe in people’s right to express themselves and to tap their emotions to challenge and shift behaviours. Our games help people speak their truth through simple, powerful words. It’s time to lay your cards on the table.

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