A delightfully simple game that helps people notice, reflect and take action. 

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Create your own definition of wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Deck is a tangible way to tap into our own insights. By creating our definition of what it means to feel low, to thrive and what it takes to get there, wellbeing becomes all the more powerful when it’s ours to own. It's a game that breaks taboos and tokenism and lets us create our own definition of wellbeing.


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Powerful play

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Empowering action

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A game for all people


Normalise wellbeing conversations and empower your people and teams to own their wellbeing.


Give your clients the most powerful tool of self-understanding, self-direction and self-help.


Discover each one of us has more emotion and capacity to self-care than we know.


Lay the cards out and invite your children, parents, or caregivers to discover their every day wellbeing practices.

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"Powerful and confronting. It makes you stop and invest in your overall wellness."

"When you've had enough of baking your own banana bread and you need to move beyond the aspirations of wellbeing - take out the Wellbeing Deck and get an insight into what's keeping you stuck."

"Simple, activity-based tool to turn the abstract idea of well-being into personalized day to day actions that can create a more consistent and sustainable feeling of wellbeing."

"A really valuable process to get more conscious about what it means to thrive and identify common triggers for low points. It feels great to end the process with clear and actionable practices to support that thriving state and manage during low points."

"Everyone should have a wellbeing plan but we are all unique! This little deck of cards will help you to discover what works for you and how you can practice good wellbeing every day."

"The Wellbeing Deck reminded me of that and helped me to create a plan to do it. As a Mum, we often prioritise others ahead of us and this reminds you that you need to 'put your own oxygen mask on first' support that thriving state and manage during low points."

"A simple yet very effective way to understand our own well-being, create awareness of how we feel and develop an action plan around how to feel our best more often."

"The Wellbeing Deck gives you an opportunity to explore what feels good when you are your best and what it feels like when low. Then, it works with that to set goals and understanding what actions to put in place to improve well being. It also gently adds to the conversation who are the people to reach out to for support.'

"My 16 year old saw me doing it, got curious and took himself through in about 10 minutes. So it's easy, intuitive and interesting!"