The Customer Experience Deck

Successfully funded and launched via Kickstarter in 2019

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Get to the heart of your customer relationships 

The CX Deck is a beautifully simple tool for better customer experience. 

This card game can help you and your organisation become more customer-centric. It works by sparking structured conversations about who your customers are, what you know and don’t know about them, and how you want customers to feel when they engage with your business. 



The CX Deck – 1 Pack
Buy now – 59 USD
The CX Deck – 2 Pack
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The CX Deck – 5 Pack
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The CX Deck – 10 Pack
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The CX Deck Toolkit
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Get to the heart of your CX

Become more customer centric

What users are saying

Andrew Sharp

Our team absolutely loved using The CX Deck. It helped our team define the emotions and words to describe what Bobux delivers our customers and what we want to ensure we don't deliver.

User Experience Team

It's an incredibly useful, practical way to engage with customers. Our talented UX Crew used the deck to survey the reactions and experience of our Australian customers.

Stuart Bean

The CX Deck was a fantastic discovery! Using the cards and intentionally designed process, we were able to produce a healthy list of improvements we wanted to make to the business.