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Our global team of independent ECD Certified Consultants are trained and certified to bring The Emotional Culture Deck into your organisation and teams. They're endorsed by riders&elephants and specialise in crafting emotional cultures. 


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Our ECD Certified Consultants work across various industries to provide ECD workshops, coaching, culture and leadership development programmes.

ECD Certified Consultants are authorised to deliver exclusive ECD Courses & Workshops tailored for in-house leadership and team development training. Our official ECD Courses  are packed with interactive activities, facilitation, and practical challenges, all designed around the R&E learning philosophy of 'learn by doing.' Reach out to one of our consultants below to organise your ECD Emotional Culture Courses, Workshops, or bespoke ECD culture and leadership programmes.


Levels of mastery

ECD Certified Consultants are independent consultants, coaches and business leaders, officially endorsed by riders&elephants. They are recognised emotional culture experts and trained to apply The ECD to specific workplace culture and leadership challenges. Each Certified Consultant has completed our comprehensive nine-month Advanced Certification Course. Our three different prestigious Consultant-level badges demonstrate differing levels of experience with The ECD. 

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Become an ECD Certified Consultant

Once you’ve completed the ECD Online Masterclass Course, mastery beckons. Our ECD Certification Pathway is one amazing journey, where you unlock seven distinct badges on your way to Master standing. With each badge, you gain more knowledge and skills to shape emotional culture, growing recognition of your knowledge and the ongoing support and resources of our supportive ECD Community.

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