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ECD Certified Consultants are each experienced changemakers, facilitators and consultants who've been on powerful journeys. 

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Introducing our ECD Certified Consultants.

Our independent Certified Consultants will exponentially increase the impact of The ECD in your team or organisation. They are officially certified and trained by riders&elephants to craft emotional cultures and create more emotionally aware leaders and teams using The ECD.

Only available through Certified Consultants, our ECD Qualified Leaders Workshops enable you to train leaders to apply The Emotional Culture Deck in their workplace and improve how they can lead. Ask a Certified Consultant for more info about how you can officially train your leaders and become an ECD Qualified Leader.


Levels of mastery

ECD Certified Consultants are independent consultants, coaches and business leaders, officially endorsed by riders&elephants. They are recognised emotional culture experts and trained to apply The ECD to specific workplace culture and leadership challenges. Each Certified Consultant has completed our nine-month Certified Consultant Course. Our three different prestigious Consultant-level badges demonstrate differing levels of experience with The ECD. 

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Become an ECD Certified Consultant

Once you’ve completed the ECD Online Masterclass Course, mastery beckons. Our revised ECD Certification Pathway is now one amazing journey, where you unlock seven distinct badges on your way to Master standing. With each badge, you gain more knowledge and skills to shape emotional culture, growing recognition of your knowledge and the ongoing support and resources of our wonderful ECD Community.

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