Bronze & Silver Elephant Riders aka ECD Practitioners

Bronze & Silver Elephant Riders have actively built their ECD practices and further developed their emotional culture craft. Check them out below.

Emotional Culture Deck  Practitioners

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Meet our Bronze & Silver Elephant Riders

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The Pro Elephant Rider Programme is a guided journey of personal and professional development, learning-by-doing, and reflection. It takes you ‘under the hood’ of learning how to use The Emotional Culture Deck in a variety of different ways to create more successful, empathy-driven teams and organisations.

Only ECD Practitioners can apply to become an ECD Certified Consultant Partner. 

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Success Stories


"You get a lot of support, a huge amount of knowledge and the community you become part of from around the world who are giving of their time and knowledge."

"The biggest change I've seen in myself is my knowledge about the importance of emotions and I feel like I'm learning all the time. It's about wanting to learn and be curious rather than tick the box of becoming certified."

"I became a Pro Elephant Rider because I knew there was more to it and I wanted to intertwine the deck into everything I did."

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