School Sports Team Culture Training 

Sport coaches and school leaders can use the Emotional Culture Deck to foster an emotion-driven culture and increase young people's emotional and social development.

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How this deck is going to help you and your teams

Focus on what matters 

When leaders and coaches ignore or fail to understand emotion, they’re glossing over a vital component of what makes players tick, and their teams suffer.

Express yourself

This programme gives your players and young people permission to express themselves and connect on a deeper level with one another. 

Nudge empathy

Nudge your players and students to be vulnerable and open within your team environment.

Learn how The ECD has helped these sports leaders and players shape the culture of their teams.

A Beautifully Simple Card Game for Better Team Culture

Most teams don’t pay enough attention to how their players are or should be feeling. They underestimate how central emotions are to building culture.

When you recognise emotions in players and teams, and consciously shape them, you can better connect with and motivate your players.

Because the emotional culture of your team influences employee satisfaction, motivation, connection, engagement, burnout, teamwork, and even “hard” measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. 

So let’s give players and teams permission to express themselves and to tap their emotions to build healthy, human, and high performing teams

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We've created this programme for school leaders and sports team coaches. Click here to read R&E's Terms of Use.

Are you really giving this programme to me for free? Yes! But you don't have permission to use this program if you don't work with schools or kids. It's free for anyone who works in a school as a teacher, coach, administrator, volunteer or community leader or works with schools or young people as part of their job. We've seen first-hand how this game can help young people with social-emotional learning. There are a lot of barriers keeping community groups and schools from having this discussion. We feel it's our duty to help as many young people, schools and community groups as we can around the world. *** Even though this program is about school sports teams, you can hack it and use it for any group of people within a school environment: a group of musical students, a group of performing arts students, a group of teachers. Even a classroom can use this to define their culture.

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