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We're on a mission to rehumanise the places we work and live. 
Below are Lo-fi PDFs of all our games, free for you to download, cut up, and play. Se for yourself why these sanely simple tools are so powerful.

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The Emotional Culture Deck is the #1 tool in the world for better workplace culture. Develop more emotionally aware teams and leaders. 

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The Customer Experience Deck gets you to the heart of your customer experiences. A beautifully simple tool for better customer experience and more aligned employees.

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The Wellbeing Deck is a delightfully simple game that helps people create their own definition of wellbeing. Notice, reflect and take action.

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ECD For Remote Teams

This remote team workshop is specifically designed to help you build the culture of your remote teams. It includes everything you need to run remote team culture and leadership workshops today. No workshop planning or set-up required!

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ECD For Schools

This programme is free for anyone who works in a school as a teacher, coach, administrator, volunteer or community leader or works with schools or young people as part of their job.

Even though this program is about school sports teams, you can hack it and use it for any group of people within a school environment: a group of musical students, a group of performing arts students, a group of teachers. Even a classroom can use this to define their culture.

We've seen first-hand how this game can help young people with social-emotional learning. But there are a lot of barriers keeping schools and community groups from having this discussion. 

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ECD For Families

The ECD was not originally intended for use with children and families. But the number of families who have benefited from the cards is truly astonishing.

Those who have shared their experiences of using The Emotional Culture Deck with their families have made us feel very proud and grateful.

Click here to read 7 ways you can hack the ECD with your family

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Frequently Asked Questions

Richard Gilhooly, General Manager People, Safety & Wellbeing

"The Emotional Culture Deck is a  powerful way to make empathy a key part of how you deliver success."

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Melissa Cantell, Chief Operating Officer

"I had some very experienced people telling me that it was the most meaningful leadership conversation they've had in their career." 

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Jakub Jurkeieweiz, Agile Coach

"The deck has the power of allowing people to go in their reflections. It changes the dynamics of a team and creates unusual openness in people."

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We hear you. At riders&elephants we believe in people’s right to express themselves and to tap their emotions to challenge and shift behaviours. Our games help people speak their truth through simple, powerful words. It’s time to lay your cards on the table.