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If you're a family who loves to play games together, here's a 'hack' for The Emotional Culture Deck that we know makes a big difference to family relationships. 

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This happened by accident...we feel very proud of the impact it has!

We didn’t originally design The ECD to be used with kids and families. But over the past 12 months, we’ve been blown away by how many families have been using the cards.

The stories people have shared of them using The Emotional Culture Deck with their families has helped us to feel very proud and grateful.

The ECD Family Activities PDF includes a PDF copy of The Emotional Culture Deck so you can print the cards at home and cut them up to use together (if you don't already have physical cards or don't want to invest yet).

At the moment, families around the world are using the deck with their young children and teenagers to discuss how they’re feeling and coping with Covid-19 and the challenges we all face.

Download The ECD Families Activities PDF

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Feedback from some parents

"It was SO GOOD! The 7-year-old boy got so into and was writing down the things he was feeling and what he needed to do.

The 10-year-old girl was a bit meh at first but got into, which is great! So much got uncovered especially between husband and wife which was powerful."

"Our 7-year-old has been struggling with emotional regulation. We had a suspicion he was struggling to define what was causing his anger or outbursts.

I ran a mini version of the game with him (filtering out the more complex words). We started with positive feelings, focusing on what he felt he needed to be successful in a day. We made him define each feeling as he drew it out the pack and the sort into his piles. Next, we did the same with the negative feelings. We had him focus on the big feelings he feels that really set him off. 

 Firstly we talk about strategies to deal with each big emotion and how to turn it from a negative to a success. Secondly we pinned up the top 5 of each. When he gets upset we get him to go and point to the negative emotion he is feeling to help US help HIM to deal with the specific emotion rather than just label it 'anger'

It's been working great and something we are talking to the school about for other kids."

"As a development of this I have been working with my daughter who is intellectually disabled.

I have found that the cards have been great prompts for me to check in and see how she really is. She is very good at saying nothing! Language for her is a bit of a problem.

So I have said the words or changed them when she will not understand what they mean to really help her cope at this time and understand and not guess at what he is feeling. Some of it has been quite astonishing."

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