Emotional Culture Deck
Qualified Leaders Workshops

Our ECD Qualified Leaders Workshops help you develop more emotionally aware leaders and teams.

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Begin your journey to become an ECD Qualified Leader, officially endorsed by riders&elephants

Only available through ECD Certified Consultants, our exclusive range of Qualified Leaders Workshops enables you to train your leaders to apply The Emotional Culture Deck in your workplace and improve how they lead. Designed and made for in-house organisation leaders. Immerse yourself in our thoughtfully curated half-day sessions. Discover new tools and practices to lead, inspire, and craft emotional cultures within your organisation.

Leading self

Leadership starts with the self. Explore the way your leaders show up for others. 

Leading teams

Establish how you need to lead your teams and the emotions that will impact their performance and your team culture. 

Leading stakeholders

Lead from a place of empathy and connection. Understand the emotional drivers of your clients and stakeholders to create lasting and memorable relationships. 

Unlock the Full Potential of The ECD

With our ECD Qualified Leaders Workshops, you're not just enrolling in a learning experience – you're gaining access to a powerful set of tools and strategies you can use straight away. These workshops are specifically designed to train your leaders how to apply The Emotional Culture Deck in your workplace and lead in an emotionally informed way.

What you gain

On completing each Qualified Leaders workshop, each participant will receive the following:

  • Certificate of Attendance: A formal acknowledgement of your dedication to enhancing your team's emotional culture. This certificate serves as a testament to your commitment to emotional culture and amplifying human conversations about what really matters in the workplace.
  • ECD Qualified Leaders Badge endorsed by riders&elephants: This badge is a mark of your proficiency in the tools and practices taught in the workshop. It serves as a reminder of your capability to lead and inspire more emotionally aware teams.

Why Complete an
ECD Qualified Leaders Workshop?

Expert Facilitation

Learn from ECD Certified Consultants, who are mastering The Emotional Culture Deck tools and conversations, to guide you expertly through your journey.

Exclusive Access to Tools

Arm your leaders with unique toolkits designed to help craft emotional cultures, contributing to greater connection, motivation, and job satisfaction, that you’ll be able to use straight away. 

Qualification Recognition

Earn an official ECD Qualified Leaders Badge, officially endorsed by riders&elephants and a Certificate of Attendance, marking your dedication to fostering a flourishing emotional culture.

Ongoing Support

Gain access to post-workshop coaching calls and a 50% discount on future ECD investments, ensuring your leaders are supported on their journey of crafting thriving emotional cultures.

These workshops are not...

  • A pathway to Certification in The Emotional Culture Deck
  • A lecture on the theory of the concept of emotional culture
  • A presentation of case studies (although ECD Certified Consultants are encouraged to share anecdotes and stories throughout the workshop about how they've used the ECD and the activities taught in the Workshop).
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Presented by
ECD Certified Consultants

ECD Leadership Workshops are presented by ECD Certified Consultants. They each shape better organisations and teams in any environment through the lens of emotional culture. They are trained in the art of Emotional Culture Deck conversations and ready and able to help others develop better leaders and cultures at organisational and team levels. ECD Certified Consultants are independent partners of The ECD. 

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