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LeadingĀ Change and Connection at KPMG Enterprise New Zealand

Eva Perrone, Innovation Manager at KPMG Private Enterprise in New Zealand, led a change leadership workshop that made a big impact. She introduced 60 KPMG leaders from across the country to The Emotional Culture Deck, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

In just a two-hour session, the workshop did more than just teach new skills. It opened up new ways for leaders to talk with each other, creating a welcoming space where everyone could share deeply and honestly. The leaders left not just ready but excited to use the ECD with their teams and clientsā€”and many started right away.

Eva is now planning how to make these tools a regular part of work at KPMG. She and her team are looking into more training so everyone can get the most out of focusing on workplace culture. Evaā€™s excited about the future, seeing big possibilities in using the ECD to bring people closer and make their work environment even better.

ECD Change Leadership Toolkit

The ECD Change Leadership Canvas & Workshop is designed for leaders, guiding them through both self-reflection on past change experiences and planning for future transitions. It aids leaders in identifying desired emotions within their teams during change and highlights essential leadership actions to ensure a smooth transition.Ā 

KPMG in New Zealand adopted this Change Leadership Canvas, using it as a pivotal tool to guide their leadership teams through significant workplace change. This workshop serves as a crucial platform for leaders to harness the power of emotion in leading change, ensuring that their teams are supported, understood, and motivated during transitional times.

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