How The Game Works

The game is a card sort activity. Made up of 58 Feeling cards, 29 Influence cards and 29 Practice cards, you simply select cards you connect with, in response to prompts. How we feel when we’re at our best and lowest, what leads us to these points and what we do in response. 

A Simple 6-Step Method

The Wellbeing Deck guides you through a 6-step process to create a personalised wellbeing plan. You sort a variety of cards into different categories to create your own definition of wellbeing.

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The Wellbeing Plan

When you purchase The Wellbeing Deck you get the Wellbeing Plan. As you work through the six steps in the game, you are prompted to fill out the plan to capture everything you discover as you play. When you complete the steps. in the deck, you'll have created your Wellbeing Plan. We've included some bonus Wellbeing Deck activities to nudge you to keep coming back to this conversation.

Why you might need more than one deck

If you plan to use The Wellbeing Deck in a session with more than one person, ideally every person in that workshop should have their own deck. This helps everyone express themselves. 

Plus when each person uses their own deck, you create an effortless conversation about wellbeing between people in a team in a non-threatening, constructive manner. 

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