The Bobux team used The Customer Experience Deck at our quarterly strategic away day. Our team absolutely loved the exercise. 

Using the Customer Experience Deck helped our team to define the emotions and words to describe what Bobux delivers to our customers and what we want to ensure is not delivered! The outcome will make it easier for both our design and marketing teams to get the product and messaging right for our customers as we look to create memorable customer experiences in the future. 

A side benefit that we we're not expecting, but has come, is that we got a step closer to defining the wording around the Bobux purpose. We have always felt it and have been close to articulating it but it has been hard to get the right wording to define it.  

I’m constantly looking for new ways to bring my people together to collectively solve problems in an interesting and interactive way, so I can’t recommend this tool more highly. We have since used the tool with our sales agents in Germany, the UK and Australia and received the same excellent results.

– Andrew Sharp, CEO Bobux International