Datacom use The Emotional Culture Deck as a tool for leadership development 

Danielle Brightbill, Business Planning and Assurance Principal Consultant, at Datacom Australia has recently started using The Emotional Culture Deck in leadership Bootcamps across the Australian Datacom offices.

Dani got some incredible feedback after running her first-ever Emotional Culture Deck workshop in their latest Datacom Bootcamp with 24 leaders – "it was the highlight of the two-day Bootcamp".


Here's what we covered in our conversation together:
  • How have you been using the decks with your teams?

  • Why are you using the decks in your Bootcamps?

  • What were some of the biggest surprises you found when using the decks?

  • What were you most fearful of before using the decks?

  • How will you use the decks in the future?

  • What did you wish you knew when you started using the decks?

  • How else are you using the cards?

  • Using the cards with teenagers at home

  • Where riders&elephants been using the decks so far

  • A little bit about Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses

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