IBM Romania use The ECD with remote workers 

They say ‘go big or go home,’ and Lili Mesesan (IBM Project Manager) certainly did that, but ironically, from the comfort of her own (temporary) home in Piha, New Zealand.

During the lockdown period of Covid-19 Lili used the PDF version of the Emotional Card Deck to run a remote workshop for 70 team members at IBM Romania.


This was one of the first times she had ever used the deck and although nervous about how the game would play out, was very pleased with its success.

Lili utilised the chat feature of video conferencing technology, encouraging IBM staff to write the cards they selected or speak up if they felt comfortable sharing their story. Although there was some reluctance at the start, within just 40 minutes Lili was able to get team members seeing the importance of emotional awareness within the workplace and more and more team members engaging in conversations and actively talking about how they wanted to feel at work.

Some people even touched base saying they would be implementing the weekly retrospect tool within their own teams. We are incredibly inspired by Lili’s work and think this shows just how easy and adaptable the card deck really is!

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