'A great place to work' with The Emotional Culture Deck 

Brooke Riley was one of the earliest adopters of The Emotional Culture Deck. In fact, she's part of the inspiration behind the tool. She's a super talented People and culture Manager for Trilogy International Limited (TIL).

TIL is an Australasian business that cultivates essential natural products and home fragrance brands. Their brands include Trilogy, ECOYA and Goodness in New Zealand and around the world.

Brooke's natural inclination is to break the rules, explore ideas and challenge conventional ways of doing things to improve everything she does. So she loves The Emotional Culture Deck. It’s built on similar values.

Brooke and her colleagues on the TIL Executive Leadership team said:

"we wanted to run a workshop to help get an understanding from our people on what they think constitutes a ‘Great Place to Work’. This understanding was then used to flow into the TIL FY19 Strategy whereby ‘A Great Place to Work’ is one of our strategic pillars.”

Brooke designed a way to use the decks in a broader workshop centred around co-creating a great place to work. The deck helped TIL have deeper conversations about what matters to their people, the way they want to work together and the way they want their workplace culture to feel.

This is a great example of how leaders have taken the deck and made it work for their specific situation. We love it when this happens! We hope it's an inspiration for how you can use The Emotional Culture Deck too.

It’s easy to see why The Emotional Culture Deck resonates with a leader like Brooke and company like TIL.

Trilogy International pride themselves on their culture. Two of TIL’s core values are 'Discovery: If we don’t explore we’ll never discover' and 'Delight: Surprise and delight should happen at every interaction, with customers and colleagues - exceed expectations'. The TIL team constantly explore new ways of doing things and strive to delight their customers and their own people.

We're excited that more leaders like Brooke and large multinational organisations are creating more empathetic and human workplaces to help their people and businesses thrive.