Bringing our team closer together with The Emotional Culture Deck

Olivia Coote is responsible for Marketing at Kokako. But she's equally passionate about the culture of Kokako and the mental health of the entire Kokako team. Kokako started using The Emotional Culture Deck with their people.  

"We take the mental health of our staff seriously. After we moved to our new premises in late 2017 we had a range of staff take on new challenges or additions to their job descriptions and we have also welcomed new members to our team. With all these changes in effect, we knew we needed to take some time out to see how we were all doing.

In May 2018 we purchased The Emotional Culture Deck (from NZ company Riders & Elephants) and held two 2-hour sessions where everyone in our company used the card deck as prompts to talk about their emotional motivators and demotivators. We then applied those desirable and undesirable feelings to scenarios relevant to our daily work environment. Though our team were a little hesitant at the beginning of these sessions, the experience brought us closer as a group and provided insight into each other’s unique triggers. We have subsequently been able to factor these into how we conduct our daily business"

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