Kiwibank & The Emotional Culture Deck

Kiwibank is using The Emotional Culture Deck right across the bank. From their customer service teams to their change management teams, to their people and culture teams. 

The inspiring leader to the first start experimenting with The Emotional Culture Deck was Hillary Palmer, Head of People Experience. 

She is a true people leader. She believes that building a strong culture and experience starts with connecting with your people.

She brings her teams together to understand who they are, what they want to achieve and help her people connect that with the purpose and vision of their organisation.

This is what she had to say about using the decks:

"It's been awesome to experience this Jeremy - a simple game with such a huge impact - loved it! Organisations who want to truly connect with their people simply can't ignore this stuff. Looking forward to seeing how far we can take this tool!" 

Here are a few shots from when the People & Culture team when they first started experimenting with the deck...