Empowering Team Connection and Impact. The Sir John Kirwan Foundation's Journey with The Emotional Culture Deck

Tim Corbett, the CEO of the Sir John Kirwan Foundation, shares the profound journey their organisation has embarked on using The Emotional Culture Deck, alongside the Customer Experience Deck and Wellbeing Decks. These tools have played a pivotal role in discovering and enhancing the foundation's internal culture and team cohesion, starting from the inside out.

"Yesterday I caught up with our Lead Coach who has taken the feedback and insights generated during The Emotional Culture Deck work and implemented it in how she communicates and connects with her team. She’s noticing a huge difference for her and the coaches – that’s awesome."

Tim recounts a recent conversation with the foundation's Lead Coach, who has actively applied insights from the ECD in her interactions with her team. The result has been a significant positive shift in communication and team dynamics, highlighting the direct impact of these tools on improving workplace relationships and effectiveness.

The ECD, in particular, has been instrumental in this process. Described by Tim as a "gem," it allowed the foundation to delve deep into its core, identifying what truly motivates and unites its team members. This process of introspection and subsequent action has been crucial in shaping the team's spirit (wairua) and cohesion. Following this, the Wellbeing Deck added another layer, focusing on the elements that energize and strengthen the team.

Expanding their toolkit, the foundation has also employed The Customer Experience Deck to fine-tune how they interact with and serve their school communities. This comprehensive approach not only fosters internal growth but also enhances the foundation's external impact, particularly valuable for non-profit organisations seeking to empower their staff and amplify their effect on the communities they serve.

Tim expresses gratitude towards riders&elephants for creating these resources and looks forward to further integrating these tools into the foundation's operations. The Sir John Kirwan Foundation's experience stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful, emotion-centric tools in building stronger, more connected teams that are better equipped to make a difference.

Here's what Tim had to say about using The Emotional Culture Deck:

"The decks from R&E are gems. We used them to uncover what makes us thrive, from the ‘inside, out’ and then used that to shape the wairua and ‘glue’ of our team. The ECD was a great process to peel back the layers and then rebuild what works for us, adding on the Wellness Deck then enabled us to add in the fuel that invigorates us and makes us strong.

We’re now using The CX deck to refine our systems and touchpoints to help us better serve our school communities. Such a great set of resources, especially for non-profit organisations as a way of em-powering your people and boosting your impact.

Thanks riders&elephants for creating these, looking forward to using these tools more this year."

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