Better workplace culture starts with the F word. Feelings.

Most organisations underestimate the influence emotion has on their culture and leadership. But as a people leader you know that when engagement and morale improves, so do productivity and employee retention. The Emotional Culture Deck adds a powerful tool to your belt for enabling human conversations and bottom-up culture change.


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How this game will help you

Grow your people leaders

Develop more caring and compassionate leaders and employees

Nudge empathy

Develop openness and connect your teams more meaningfully 

Build Trust 

Nudge vulnerability and openness within your teams and leaders across your organisation

The # 1 Game in the World for Better Workplace Culture

The emotional culture of an organisation influences employee satisfaction, wellbeing, burnout, teamwork, and even hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. But organisations (and leaders) often don’t talk about emotion. Many lack confidence in their ‘soft skills’.

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An Insanely Simple Card Game For A More Human And Empathetic Workplace

The Emotional Culture deck helps you flip that conversation. It’s a simple card game toolkit that helps leaders uncover what truly motivates their people, and map desired team culture. As empathy, connections, and trust develop, results go up - and your people advice proves its value yet again.

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Who Uses The Deck?

Richard Gilhooly, General Manager People, Safety & Wellbeing

"It’s so important to connect organisational values with the actual state of how people feel, and want to feel, at work. We focus strongly on our culture: staff need to be part of shaping the expressed values, and I think we’ve done a good job of that, but the opportunity we see in the Emotional Culture Deck is to support ongoing conversations that become part of ‘how we do things around here’.

We began by trialling the deck in a couple of team environments. Our Chief Operating Officer immediately saw the potential, and we brought it to her leadership team. It’s a really valuable set of discussions to have for that group, sparking the immediate question of ‘how can we ourselves engage’ while also being cognizant that this is a positive challenge for everyone across NZ Rugby.

A lot of organisations struggle to make culture real: what do values truly mean? What does performance look like? But it’s much easier to start with ‘how do I feel’ then work outwards to ‘what shall we do’. The Emotional Culture Deck is a powerful way to make empathy a key part of how you deliver success."

Richard Gilhooly, General Manager People, Safety & Wellbeing

"The Emotional Culture Deck is a  powerful way to make empathy a key part of how you deliver success."

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Melissa Cantell, Chief Operating Officer

"I had some very experienced people telling me that it was the most meaningful leadership conversation they've had in their career, so that's pretty cool."

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Jakub Jurkeieweiz, Agile Coach

"The deck has the power of allowing people to go in their reflections It changes the dynamics of a team and creates unusual openness in people. This pushed me to start using the dec in my 1:2:1 coaching. "

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