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What is an Elephant Rider?

Elephant Riders are Emotional Culture Deck Practitioners. 
There are over 650 Elephant Riders in 20+ countries around the globe delivering the most human and engaging culture & leadership workshops in the world using The Emotional Culture Deck.


Elephant Riders aka ECD Practitioners

Join our Elephant Rider Community by completing our Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass and becoming an ECD Practitioner.

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Join one of the most generous networks in the world full of caring, curious, brave and ambitious leaders who all care deeply about humanising work. 

Get access to our Online Community, Learning Hubs, Quarterly Learning Events and more. 


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People who deliver game-changing workshops are in high demand. Master the core way to use The Emotional Culture Deck with your clients or teams through this online Masterclass Course. Begin your journey to mastering the Emotional Culture Deck and deliver the ultimate human-centred workshops that will engage even the most cynical participants. 

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Success Stories


"It's the genuinely deep conversations that people have and how quick people are to open up and share things"

"Absolutely one of the best things you'll ever do"

"If it sparks your curiosity, you honestly won't regret it. It's a game you can use in so many ways. Which is what makes it so simple, deep and profound."

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