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A global community of over 490 of the most human & empathetic leaders in the world. Join us and start your journey to becoming an Elephant Rider.


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What is an Elephant Rider?

Elephant Riders are official partners of The Emotional Culture Deck designed by riders&elephants. There are over 550 Elephant Riders in 20+ countries around the globe delivering the most human and engaging culture & leadership workshops in the world using The Emotional Culture Deck.


Tier 1 Partners: ECD Practitioners

Begin your Elephant Rider journey by completing our Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass and become an ECD Certified Practitioner. You can’t apply to become a Certified Facilitator until you’ve completed the ECD Masterclass and become an official ECD Elephant Rider Practitioner.

Level 1:
Elephant Rider

Complete ECD Masterclass

Elephant Riders have mastered the foundational elements of THE ECD, and can deliver workshops to others with confidence.

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Level 2:
Bronze Elephant Rider

ECD Masterclass
+3 ECD Workshops

Bronze Elephant Riders are actively building their practice, facilitating three ECD workshops with three plus people in each workshop.

Level 3:
Silver Elephant Rider

ECD Masterclass
+6 ECD Workshops

Silver Elephant Riders have gone on
to facilitate six ECD workshops with three plus people in each workshop.

Tier 2 Partners: ECD Certified Consultants

ECD Certified Consultants learn to shape better organisations and teams in any environment through the lens of emotional culture. Certified Consultants are actively supported in growing their practice and tapping into the expertise of the global Pro Elephant Rider community. 

Level 4:
Pro Elephant Rider

Complete Certified Consultant Training

Pro Elephant Riders have completed the 7-step Certified Facilitator Programme, demonstrating their ability to tackle a wide variety of workplace and culture challenges using The Emotional Culture Deck.

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Level 5:
Specialist Elephant Rider

Certified Consultant Training
+ 25 ECD Workshops
+ 10 1:2:1 Sessions
+ 3 ECD Meetup Events

There are very few Specialist Elephant Riders. These experienced change makers bring others on powerful development journeys with proven results.

Level 6:
Master Elephant Rider

Certified Consultant Training
+ 65 ECD Workshops
+ 5 ECD Meetup Events

There will be only a handful of Master Elephant Riders in the world. Each will have developed a profound understanding of what it takes to build more human and empathetic workplaces and leaders, with the track record to match.

Complete the ECD Online Masterclass to become an Elephant Rider Partner

People who deliver game-changing workshops are in high demand. Master the core way to use The Emotional Culture Deck with your clients or teams through this online Masterclass Course.

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Tier 1: Become a Certified Practitioner

Begin your journey to mastering the Emotional Culture Deck and deliver the ultimate human-centred workshops that will engage even the most cynical participants. Then go even further and drive real lasting change using The ECD and be recognised for making an impact that matters.

Over 490 people have completed the Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass Course. Join them today and become an Emotional Culture Deck Practitioner aka Elephant Rider.

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Tier 2: Become a Certified Consultant

The Pro Elephant Rider Programme is a guided journey of personal and professional development, learning-by-doing, and reflection. It takes you ‘under the hood’ of learning how to use The Emotional Culture Deck in a variety of different ways to create more successful, empathy-driven teams and organisations.

Limited spaces. Only 10 leaders are invited to join the Programme every six months.

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