The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass

Our half-day public ECD Masterclasses are designed to bring people together (in-person) from different organisations and backgrounds to learn about why emotion matters in our workplaces and how to use The ECD to create more high-performing teams. 

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Our next Masterclasses

Wellington, New Zealand
March 16 2021

Limited to 30 people.


Auckland, New Zealand
March 18 2021

Limited to 30 people.

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All Masterclasses areĀ 389 USD per person (Masterclass fee includes x 2 Emotional Culture Decks RRP 149 USD)

Master The Emotional Culture Deck

Jeremy spent five years developing the Emotional Culture Deck workshop with teams at Xero, New Zealand Rugby, Panasonic, Westpac, Kiwibank and IAG. His live Masterclasses have sold out previously in Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, New York, London, Auckland, Wellington and Toronto.


why emotion matters to building more inclusive and high-performing workplace cultures and leaders. 


how to plan and facilitate the #1 Emotional Culture Deck Workshop. At the same time explore the 12 different ways you can apply The Emotional Culture Deck within your organisation to improve how people work together.


with the ECD as we take you through a workshop as if you're part of a team we work with. By playing with the game, and not purely theorising, you'll LEAVE FEELING CONFIDENT, BRAVE & INSPIRED to immediately go away with new knowledge, skills and tips to run your own workshops using The Emotional Culture Deck!

Our Masterclasses are not:

  • Lectures or presentation style events – they are highly interactive and hands-on experiences

  • Typical workshops involving Powerpoint – we don’t use PPT and you’ll learn about emotional culture and The Emotional Culture Deck by doing, experimenting and working with each other.

Become an official ECD Practitioner:

  • Gain the Emotional Culture Deck Certificate of Practice and become an official Elephant Rider Partner
  • Get access to 12 additional tools and resources to guide a variety of other uses of The ECD
  • Access to our Global Elephant Rider Online Community where over 200+ other ECD Practitioners are connected and sharing ideas about how to use The ECD

Masterclass reflections

Peter de Boer – PdB Consulting

Peter de Boer is the Founder of PdB Consulting in Wellington, New Zealand. Peter helps ambitious Kiwi businesses build happy, high-performing teams, and help reduce regrettable turnover.

Jennifer Young – Founder Intentional Generations

JenY is the Founder of the company Intentional Generations. She recently attended an Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass and became one of the latest Elephant Riders in the world.

Suzanne Wallace – Product & Service Designer, Tertiary Education Commission

Suzanne Wallace is a Senior Designer for Product & Service Design at Tertiary Education Commission in Wellington, New Zealand and now….one of the latest Elephant Riders in the world.

Upcoming Masterclasses

All Masterclasses are 389 USD per person (Masterclass fee includes x 2 Emotional Culture Decks RRP 149 USD)

Due to Covid-19, all our 2021 international In-person ECD Masterclasses have transitioned to our Online Masterclass Course until further notice.

Wellington, New Zealand
March 16 2021

Limited to 30 people on each Masterclass. 


Auckland, New Zealand
18 March 2021

Limited to 30 people. 


Sydney 2021 (Date TBC)

Depending on Covid-19

Melbourne 2021 (Date TBC)

Depending on Covid-19

London 2021 (Date TBC) 

Depending on Covid-19.

New York City 2021 (Date TBC)

Depending on Covid-19

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